Drowning in the Sadness Sea

By Hani Abdile

They say life is a set of stairs where you can build your own dreams

But all I see is an image of my future which I can’t reach.

How can I settle down when my mind has a thousand things to solve?

How can I repair my broken hopes when it is broken into million pieces?

I try to get up and bring together my broken hopes

But it is like a glass thrown from a high mountain.

Sometimes I wonder why

And wish I was never born at all.

I wish I could pass away and not have to deal with this fall.

Even fresh air is hard to get where I am.

I feel I have no answer for that

And more lights are around into my heart

But all is turning into dark.

I am flapping my hands trying to swim

But I’m drowning in the sadness sea.

I used to have some happy days.

But now my days are full of sadness.

I cry a lot

But tears can’t bring back what I want.

I have tried to escape this life and run away from here

But sadness loves me too much.

Why can’t we get what we want at the right time?

Why we have to suffer before we reach the end?

I have never been so miserable ever before.

I wish I could run away and escape from this world.

I look at the beautiful stars and the moon

And they tell me: “you still have a chance.”

So when I wake up in the morning

The sun is shining for me.

And they’re telling me

“No matter how hard you have been through, you deserve to start a new life.”

And so I try to hide my sadness

Inside the darkness in my heart.

My mum used to tell me “you’re the apple of my eye”

But it ended when I left her.

Whenever I give up, I remember the moon, the stars and the sun.

No matter how hard your life is

You have to take sadness out of your ways.

You know you can’t live in this world forever.

You have to bring back your happiness

No matter who is against you

Or how hard the situation is…..

You have to fight for your dreams.

You make it through this life

And pass all the tests

And one day you’ll be through this

And get a taste of success.

The sun is still shining behind the clouds

It’s still a good day and I think I will be happy again

I only need to try it one day at time.

I tell myself this situation is about to pass and not stay.

I have to learn:

How to love;

How to live;

And how to learn to let it go……..